The types of Bitcoin mining

Specifically for Bitcoin, number bitcoin mining machines has decreased significantly. If other cryptocurrencies can still be mined using video cards, processors, hard drives, etc., high complexity of Bitcoin makes all these methods not only inefficient, but even unprofitable.

Mining with ASIC

Translated from English ASIC is an integrated circuit for special purposes. In fact, it’s just a chip designed exclusively for one type of work – decoding of a particular algorithm. For Bitcoin, it is SHA-256. Due to lack of multitasking, devices show much more power than those that are suitable for all algorithms at once.

Step-by-step guide on how to start mining Bitcoins:


To buy a bitcoin miner. Bitcoin (SHA-256) most actual ASIC Bitmain Antminer S9i. Average price – 30 000 rubles. It is very likely that to reach desired income will have to buy more than one device.


Connect and configure best bitcoin miner 2019 according to instructions. To ensure fast and uninterrupted Internet. Be sure to check wiring in room, not every wiring will withstand such power.


Choose a suitable mining pool, download miner program from its website, configure it properly. Create a wallet for cryptocurrency or an account on exchange, where earned Bitcoins will be credited.


Choose reliable services (bitcoin exchanges or cryptocurrency exchanges), through which you will subsequently exchange cryptocurrency for Fiat, if you do not plan to store it as an investment.

To check that bitcoin mining is really going on, just go to statistics (section “miner status”). It makes no sense to carry out such a check before an hour after start of bitcoin mining process. And do not forget to monitor temperature of device, avoiding overheating.

Antminer Z11

At heart of its work is Scrypt and SHA-256 algorithms. Pay attention to hashrate, it’s very neat feature and level of energy efficiency. In other words, to buy a bitcoin miner, you need to choose installation with highest profitability of exchange (the ratio of speed of production of crypto-coins with amount of energy spent).

Antminer S17 Pro – 56TH/s

One of best bitcoin miner 2019, new model has a new interface, which takes a minimum of time to configure. In this case, user can receive necessary statistical information from best bitcoin miner in real time. All information is grouped in appropriate tabs and categories, which greatly simplifies work with them.

Antminer S17 Pro-53TH/s

This piece is equipped with two enhanced coolers. Fans are located on sides of unit, so processor is cooled much better and faster. Acquaintance with technical characteristics AntminerS17 cause most of CryptoStorage a desire to buy hardware for Bitcoin mining.

Antminer T17-42TH/s

Such purchase causes a desire to know what profit this investment will bring. updated version of device will add an average of $ 7.29 per day to budget of farm’s owner (excluding cost of electricity).

Antminer T17 -2TH/s

If user intends to buy best bitcoin miner , it is best to purchase via trusted company. Only in this case, a freelancer can be sure that he will receive a quality product with a guarantee. If ASICs are purchased from you won’t come across scammers.

We are not talking about any Hyper-profits, in many countries mining industry has completely come to naught. What will happen in 2019 – will show only bitcoin rate.

If price rises, mining will revive, and Vice versa. However, bitcoin miners taught by bitter experience will already be much more careful and will not rush into pool with their heads. Business has fully demonstrated its risks.

In addition, it is believed that small miners will leave industry altogether – payback period is too long. If earlier it was about payback from miner bitcoin for six months, now it is impossible to recapture cost of ASIC even for a year.

New home bitcoin miners do not come to sphere, topic can no longer be called HYIP. This means that only large players will remain in market, which increases risk of control and manipulation. As for investors, they have to hold their savings in hope of improving situation. Stability is partly frightening against background of such volatility, which was observed before. There’s nothing you can do about it, just wait.

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